Louis Boulanger aims to continue inviting speakers from overseas and organizing educational events on the nature of money, the role of gold and the global rebalancing under way.  At the present time, the level of cognitive dissonance when it comes to such topics is so significant that no such event is planned.  As and when monetary disorder manifests itself once again, events as in the past are likely to be held again to, not only assist and educate investors, but also stimulate more dialogue on the need for sound money.

We are also being systematically misinformed on a whole spectrum of issues vital to our health, wealth, well-being, security and freedom.  There are only a few courageous souls who have taken it upon themselves to challenge the narratives we are constantly pressured into accepting as the official reality. 

One of those motivated, highly articulate and daring people standing against prevailing orthodoxy is Catherine Austin Fitts.  I invited her to Auckland to help us connect the dots and still live an inspired life, despite the tapestry of deceptions thrown at us. 

Connecting the Dots with Catherine Austin Fitts on 19 May 2018

You can meet her.  You can question her.  To learn more about this event and register, please see here