The Global Rebalancing 2015

 This presentation from Catherine Austin Fitts was recorded and you can find the full audio of the event (about one hour for the presentation itself, followed by about another hour of Q&A), along with the slides used, here on Catherine’s blog.


                                                                                                                               Note: For John Butler in Wellington the following day CLICK HERE 

Previous Events

  • 2011: A 5-day Symposium on Gold with Professor Fekete, Sandeep Jaitly, Rudy Fritsch (Canada) and Keith Weiner (USA)
  • 2010: A 5-day Symposium on Sound Money with Professor Fekete (Hungary), Sandeep Jaitly (London), Peter Van Coppenolle (Belgium) and Rudy Fritsch (Canada)
  • 2009: An address by Professor Antal E. Fekete at the launch of the Ficino Educational Foundation