In the same vein as ‘Prosper!’, Louis Boulanger was a regular contributor for two years of short essays on money published in the Journal of the Gold Standard Institute from January 2011 (the Journal’s first issue) to December 2012. All of these short essays are available below.

False Beliefs

False Belief #1: Money is Wealth

False Belief #2: Risk-Free Investments

False Belief #3: There Is a Debt Ceiling

False Belief #4: Currencies Are Money

False Belief #5: Deficits Don't Matter

False Belief #6: Yes We Can...Ignore Reality

False Belief #7: Gold Ceased To Be Money 40 Years Ago

False Belief #8: GATA Is Irrelevant

False Belief #9: Economics Is a Science

False Belief #10: Professor Fekete's Work Is Futile

Bullion vs. Bullshit

Bullion vs. Buffet

    The Trap of Aggregate Measures

    The Criticality of Gold

    The Prestige of Gold

    Gold, Natural Law and India

    Everybody Knows...

    Fiscal Cliffs, Debt Ceilings and Fiat Money