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To invest, or not to invest: Now, that is the question!

For over 40 years our global monetary system has been based on debt and our faith in the ability of sovereign nations to pay their debt.  That debt has now reached unsustainable levels, yet it continues to increase globally at an exponential rate.  The global financial system is becoming unstable as a result.

Central banking authorities everywhere are applying increasingly drastic measures hoping to generate a sustainable economic recovery.  The result is monetary disorder and currency wars.  The global financial crisis that began in 2007 is far from over. In fact, it is getting worse. It is being described as a debt crisis, but its true nature is a monetary crisis.  At its roots, it is a belated gold crisis.

Louis Boulanger Now is a firm that understands what is happening to money and offers strategic investment advice to private and institutional clients accordingly.  This site provides information about the firm and its services and the role bullion ownership plays during these turbulent times.