Prosper! was about the paradox of prudence and our relationship with money today.  The journey started with the realisation that what was once real money has subtly been replaced by an illusion: a highly deceptive and persistent illusion.  This was a crucial first step.  It was like having an epiphany when it happened.

Louis Boulanger invited readers to join him on this journey and lift the veil of ignorance that clouds our collective judgement about money. For six years, from December 2006 to December 2012, Louis wrote passionately about the unfolding drama of the end days of our failing and dishonest monetary system.

The collective delusion kept growing unabated and cognitive dissonance prevailed, so Louis stopped publishing Prosper! after 46 issues. These have all been preserved and are available here for the record.

Past Newsletters

Issue 46: Everybody Knows

Issue 45: Collapse at Hand

Issue 44: The Financial System vs. the Real Economy

Issue 43: "Whatever It Takes" Now Includes Default

Issue 42: The Biggest Lie Of All

Issue 41: I'm Tired Of Lies

Issue 40: Debt, Food Prices & Revolutions

Issue 39: The Debt Tower

Issue 38: A Symposium on Sound Money

Issue 37: Let's Get Physical

Issue 36: Praemonitus Praemunitus

Issue 35: Can You See Now That This Is A Currency Crisis?

Issue 34: Fiat Abuse is Running Its Course

Issue 33: Green Shoots and Leprechauns

Issue 32: The Paradox of the Gold Price

Issue 31: Gold Wars and the Burden of Debt

Issue 30: Making Money in Troubled Times

Issue 29: Whatever it Takes

Issue 28: Something’s Up; But What?

Issue 27: Strange Deflation Now; Inflation Tsunami Next

Issue 26: Game Over

Issue 25: This Is It and It Is Now

Issue 24: Inflation, Money Demand and Velocity

Issue 23: Scapegoats for the Ongoing Systemic Crisis

Issue 22: Near a New Tipping Point of the Crisis

Issue 21: The Ongoing Case FOR Investing in Commodities

Issue 20: Don’t Be Deluded; Nothing’s Been Fixed Yet!

Issue 19: You Call That Insurance?!!

Issue 18: Lipstick on a Pig

Issue 17: The Bubble and the Pin

Issue 16: The Crack-up Boom Is Over

Issue 15: Gold is Money and Nothing Else

Issue 14: Time to Buy Some Real Stuff

Issue 13: The Bull Market in Commodities

Issue 12: The ABCs of Bubblenomics

Issue 11: Conundrums & War Drums

Issue 10: The Global 'War on Terror' & Your Wealth

Issue 9: Stakes Are High for the US Dollar

Issue 8: The Year of the Golden Pig

Issue 7: To Buy or not to Buy

Issue 6: Global Liquidity, Debt and Delusion

Issue 5: The Manipulation of the Gold Market

Issue 4: Commodity Prices and Geopolitics: The Great Shift in Wealth

Issue 3: What Inflation Truly Is and Why It's Back with a vengeance!

Issue 2: Gold, Silver and Economic Freedom!

Issue 1: Welcome to Prosper!