The nature of the investment advice provided by LB Now is mainly strategic. For instance, the core of LB Now’s business is giving strategic asset allocation advice to clients. This advice focuses more on broad asset classes than on specific securities. Clients’ investment portfolios will typically be well diversified across not only traditional but also alternative asset classes.



Currencies, in which all investments are denominated, are being competitively debased. This is reflected in the rising price of the monetary metals in all currencies. Clearly, this is not normal. It signals something is profoundly wrong with our financial system. Bullion ownership offers protection from this systemic risk. LB Now is a BMG BullionBars Authorised Dealer.


Other professional services include serving as an independent fiduciary and/or trustee, acting as an expert witness, public speaking and assisting local investment firms in coming into compliance with the GIPS® standards.