From time to time, LB Now organises educational events on either the nature of money, the role of gold or the global rebalancing under way.  The ‘money’ we take for granted today as a reliable measure of value or purchasing power is called ‘fiat’ money.  History tells us that such irredeemable paper has never survived; not even once.  Today, all currencies are irredeemable fiat money and have no defined absolute value as such; their value can only be determined relative to each other.  This creates imbalances and results in currency wars and geopolitical realignments.

Louis Boulanger has travelled extensively during the past several years, having been invited to speak about our current monetary disorder in over 20 countries around the world.  He has had the opportunity to meet several experts on the subject matter and has developed a network of such people.  A number of these have already been invited to speak in New Zealand.

There are no current events.